Wellness Terms: Improve your Awareness and Communication


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1. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
"the often remarkable resilience of so many British institutions"
2. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.
"nylon is excellent in wearability and resilience"
flexibility, plasticity

Principle 1: Cultivate a Belief in Your Ability to Cope.
Principle 2: Stay Connected With Sources of Support.
Principle 3: Talk About What You're Going Through.
Principle 4: Be Helpful to Others.
Principle 5: Activate Positive Emotion.
Principle 6: Cultivate an Attitude of Survivorship.
Principle 7: Seek Meaning.

Resilient people do experience stress, setbacks, and difficult emotions, but they tap into their strengths and seek help from support systems to overcome challenges and work through problems. Resilience empowers them to accept and adapt to a situation and move forward.

physical resilience, mental resilience, emotional resilience, and social resilience. 

Resilience is made up of five pillars: self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, positive relationships & purpose. By strengthening these pillars, we, in turn, become more resilient.

  1. Career

  2. Financial

  3. Emotional

  4. Give and Take

  5. Preparation

  6. Practice