Life Coaching: Partnership between a coach and a client designed to empower & support the client.

Lifestyle: the way in which a person lives. Urban: To each their own.

The Journey or the Destination?

A life Coach encourages and counsels individuals on a range of professional and personal challenges. Life Coaching is NOT giving advice, consulting, judgement, mentoring and/or administering therapy. You will hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions under your own terms and with your own vision. Although a coach wants to see you succeed, that is entirely your own choice. A Coach is detached from the final outcome.

Good Habits last longer, but...

Bad Habits are more easily adopted.

Life Coaching Provides you with:

  • Clarity and Direction,

  • Helps with Goal Setting,

  • Provides Unbiased Feedback and Support,

  • Holds You Accountable.

At first, our sessions are more frequent or longer as the we get to know each other. A Coach will ask clarifying questions intended to uncover any information or strong desires, then help you to clarify your objectives and set a structured plan for you to actively and intentionally move towards achieving those goals.

After some initial progress, your sessions will be less frequent but more stimulating and provoking as your Life Coach will support you in navigating your path to success, hold you accountable, and give you that extra push when you need it. As your Coach I will support you and celebrate your every accomplishment, no matter how small.

Working with a Life Coach is an Investment in You!

All People need support to thrive at life, but only some recognize the advantage of active support. Many want to prove to everyone that they can do it all themselves. However, it's a the law of nature that 2 minds work better than one, creating Synergy! A Life Coach can assist and encourage you free of judgement or self-interest. They can help you perform at your highest potential professionally and personally; such as helping you with:


Relationships, Career, Health Goals, Communication Skills, Financials, spirituality Study, Travel, Career, Leadership, Personal Health & Fitness, Creating Positive Energy, Overcoming Limited Beliefs, Blockages, Life Challenges, Conquering your Fears, Getting out of the Comfort Zone, Confidence, Success, Sports, etc.

Part of my job will be helping you to figure out what has been holding you back or getting in your way of success, and then they help you to push past the boundaries of whatever that is. To elevate yourself into bigger challenges. 

  • Learn to adapt and cope with challenging transitions,

  • Tap into your potential so you can discover and seize the many opportunities that lie ahead,

  • Explore your passions, values, strengths, provocative interests, and core beliefs,

  • Determine what’s important for the next chapter of your lives,

  • Uncover obstacles and patterns that may be sabotaging your success and blocking your fulfillment,

  • Push beyond these barriers so they can achieve your goals,

  • See that YOU have the power to live YOUR life according to YOUR values and purpose,

  • Work toward greater fulfillment and personal transformation,

  • Be better prepared for future transitions,

  • Lead happier, more successful lives.

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