- Virtual Coaching Sessions -


Sessions are held online using different channels. My calendar Booking tool, Calendly, syncs with Zoom to provide a remote Tele-Coaching Experience in Desktop and Mobile devices. Other tools that are effective are more casual for communication, this can be in my preference WhatsApp, Skype, of Phone Call. 

Single Sessions

     Adult Professionals - $59 - Click Here

     Students - $39 - Click Here


Single sessions address single topics. It can be a daily blockage, on the job management support, help thinking thru a scenario, or to attack one of your goals. The more I meet with you the more I will know about you, this is also true for you. We become a dynamic duo working together to create empowering energy in your life.

Tailored Sessions Programs - Click Here

  • Wellness

  • Resilience Training

  • Career Discovery

  • Academic Design​ & Study Abroad

  • Expats

  • Athletes

  • Tambien en Español!

What to expect?

One challenge can be composed of many small parts intertwined after years of energy mismanagement and following paths away from the alignment of our goals. Over a set number of sessions we will being to close any open quest in your life holding you back, then set new ones to propel you forward with new positive habits and objectives.

A session program can also be used as support for a specific project or deadline. Coaching is a ally to you to reach your objectives. Work or study deadlines can be supported to promote the quality of your work while using your energy where you want it. Coaching is ROI to you!

At first, our sessions are more frequent or longer as the we get to know each other. A Coach will ask clarifying questions intended to uncover any information or strong desires, then help you to clarify your objectives and set a structured plan for you to actively and intentionally move towards achieving those goals.

After some initial progress, the virtual sessions will be less frequent but more stimulating and provoking as your Life Coach will support you in navigating your path to success, hold you accountable, and give you that extra push when you need it. As your Coach I will support you and celebrate your every accomplishment, no matter how small.

Email Follow ups

Consists of a summary of what we talked about in the session. Some analysis of the dynamics of the session and a few advising points to keep in mind for a future sessions (Forward Thinking). This process involves some individual thinking and processing. At least 30 more minutes of my time will be dedicated to the specific session we had. I will reply within 24 hrs of our session.

Session Payment

Session can be booked and paid for using the Calendly calendar tool. Additional invitees will receive a request via Venmo or PayPal. All sales are Final.

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- Virtual Consult -


For Organizations: I would like to work with Organizations using Coaching and Change Management tools for Employee engagement and productivity. Virtual consult works both ways, you get to know about me and I get to meet you.

Individuals: Trying to crack a puzzle but you don't know if coaching can help you? Only one way to find out. I promise to help you out in one topic you have a blockage with.

Students: Interested in doing something out of the ordinary? We can design your education and your goals to be achieved out of the regular linear path of the 20th century education process.


Academic Advising & Education Design

We can design your education and your goals to be achieved out of the regular linear path of the 20th century education process. A combination of schools, experiences and immersions will promote a multicultural and beneficial education.

Study Abroad / Summer School

All students are invited to Summer School and Study abroad experiences. Over the last few years i have taken courses in several countries and have met all kinds of students, of all ages. Young student are collecting credits for the college studies back home. Others are seeking training and stimulating environments to develop new skills. The most important part and the reasons that this type of activity should be introduced and maintained throughout your life time, is that learning and development is a journey on itself. Study Abroad experiences will promote and build a resilient student that will transfer the energy to his professional and personal life success.

Full Time International Students

Studying abroad full time is a job on its own. Lets say it out loud, study abroad experiences have to be financially supported, even when you have scholarships. This means you are paid to study, and the sponsorship depends on your academic results. I have seen many students turn back home after a few months of drinking and going to the beach. If this is not you you can definitely benefit from Student Coaching.


Did you know that Full time International Students have the same requirements in study volume as Student Athletes in the USA?

Adult Student: Anyone Can do it! Transitioning? You feel you want some self development in your life? There is also kind of things out there you can do locally and abroad. Its never late to get exposed to multicultural education, that can also be used to gain new skills.

- Confidentiality -


Adult Sessions: All sessions are bound by 1 to 1 confidentiality of all and any content discussed in the session.

If I find there is a topic that I am not able to handle, I will share that with the client and suggest alternative methods, coaches or professionals for dealing with that specific topic.

If the client is in danger, I will inform the local authorities and supportive institutions.


Confidentiality applies to Adult Students when themselves or a Parent or Guardian purchases the session.

For young students, the session content can be shared on request and for educational reasons only with the owner of the session. 

Sessions can be recorded using the Zoom tool.

- Cancellations -


Cancellation policy is simple. Sessions are paid upon booking. You are responsible for re-scheduling any booked sessions. There is no penalty for re-scheduling your session. Sessions are forfeited for no-shows appointments that the client does not re-schedule or if you fail to re-schedule during the active time of the session. Please check specific session cancellation policy before booking. All sales are final.