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- Confidentiality -

Adult Sessions: All sessions are bound by 1 to 1 confidentiality of all and any content discussed in the session.

If I find there is a topic that I am not able to handle, I will share that with the client and suggest alternative methods, coaches, or professionals for dealing with that specific topic.

If the client is in danger, I will inform the local authorities and supportive institutions.


Confidentiality applies to Adult Students when they or a Parent or Guardian purchases the session.

For young students, the session content can be shared on request and for educational reasons only with the owner of the session. 

Sessions can be recorded using the Zoom tool.

- Cancellations -

​The cancellation policy is simple. Sessions are paid upon booking. You are responsible for re-scheduling any booked sessions. There is no penalty for re-scheduling your session. Sessions are forfeited for no-shows appointments that the client does not re-schedule or if you fail to re-schedule during the active time of the session. Please check specific session cancellation policy before booking. All sales are final.

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