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International Students & Study Abroad

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As an International Student you have a lot to deal with in this amazing journey. I went through it myself studying abroad my last years of High School and as a Full-Time International-Student-Athlete in the USA before graduating in 2008.


This is just the start. It is important to navigate the constant challenges of studying abroad, being away from home and family, unfamiliar languages and multicultural environments so that you can squeeze as much juice from this experience as you can. 


There are many ways you can challenge yourself by going abroad via Summer SchoolFull Time Programs and Immersion Experiences.

Reading a Book

Plan Your Summer School and Study Abroad Experience!

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Language, culture, lifestyle and finances can be challenging when focusing on your studies.

This is a natural complexity.



Online Sessions & Easy Booking
Time Zone Flexible
Support across different schools, classes, programs.
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Most Requested Coaching Topics:

Multicultural Problem Solving Session

Plan Your Approach, Gather the Facts!

How to initiate open conversations with your Parents and Family

Budget & Financial Support

Immigration & Visas & Travel Guidance

Join amazing and learning environments & stimulating experiences

Culture Shock Management

Connect with a Summer Program

Keep in the Right Path

And Much More!


The ​Benefits of Coaching for Students?

I will help you navigate the complex yet exciting opportunity to Study Abroad as you open yourself to new experiences and innovative ideas while you make friends and advance your studies. 

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También Sesiones para estudiantes en
Español bilingüe!

Practica tu Inglés académico. Pide más información hoy utilizando el formulario.


Still not sure? if this coaching program is for you, then I invite you tp the following link to my calendar to book a Intro Consult at no cost to you or leave me a message in the form below. 

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