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Student Coaching Plans


Single Session


Short Term Consult

Valid for 1 month


6 Sessions Plan




Projects and Objectives

Valid for 3 months

12 Sessions Plan





Development & Transformation

Valid for 6 months

6 Sessions Plan

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- Virtual Coaching Sessions -

Sessions are held online using different channels like Zoom to provide a remote Virtual Coaching Experience on Desktop and Mobile devices.


Other tools that are effective are WhatsApp, or Phone Calls which also allow for the exchange of txt messages and live chat. We can meet using the modality that feels more comfortable with you.

Single sessions address single topics. It can be a daily blockage, wellness support, help thinking through a scenario, or attacking one of your goals.


The more I meet with you the more I will know about you, this is also true for you. We become a dynamic duo working together to create empowering energy in your life.

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Individual Session


Tailored Session Topics

Student Life & Finances

Academic Success Coaching

Culture & Resilience Training

Personal Development & Career Discovery

Study Abroad & Summer School Experiences

International Student 

Managing Yourself!

Student -Athletes

Tambien en Español!

And Much More!

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- Students & Participants -

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Trying to crack a puzzle but you don't know if coaching can help you? Only one way to find out. I promise to help you out on one topic you have a blockage with.

New Students
Female Student

Interested in doing something out of the ordinary? We can design your education and your goals to be achieved out of the regular linear path of the 20th-century education process.

Current Students
& Athletes
Outdoors Meeting

We can design your education and your goals to be achieved out of the regular linear path of the 20th-century education process. A combination of schools, experiences, and immersions will promote multicultural and beneficial education.

Academic Advising & Career Path
Smiling Student in Lecture

All students are invited to Summer School and Study abroad experiences. Over the last few years, I have taken courses in several countries and have met all kinds of students, of all ages. Young students are collecting credits for their college studies back home. Others are seeking training and stimulating environments to develop new skills. The most important part and the reason that this type of activity should be introduced and maintained throughout your lifetime is that learning and development is a journey in itself. Study Abroad experiences will promote and build a resilient student that will transfer the energy to his professional and personal life success.

Semester Abroad & Summer School Experiences
Tutor and Student

Studying abroad full-time is a job on its own. Let's say it out loud, study abroad experiences have to be financially supported, even when you have scholarships. This means you are paid to study, and the sponsorship depends on your academic results. I have seen many students turn back home after a few months of drinking and going to the beach. If this is not you, you can definitely benefit from Student Coaching.

Full-Time International Students
Young Businessman with Colleagues
Adult Student & Professional Development
  • Bachelor, Masters, PhD graduates

  • Technical & Business School

  • Executive Education & Study Abroad

  • Career Pivoting & Upskilling

  • Time off & Sabbatical Experiences

  • Career Wellness

Transitioning? Anyone can do it!

Create space and opportunity for self development. From a sabbatical year to enrolling in a new school program, progress has many forms and sizes. It is never late to engage with new degree and certificate programs, professional bootcamps, well-being retreats, immersion experiences and organizational training to gain new skills.

Learning new skills, the use and adoption of new technologies, tools, data analytics and soft skills are desirable abilities to have in the 4th industrial revolution.

Lets make sure that the energy and time you invest is aligned with you desires and chosen career path. And it where you are going is not where you like to be, we can engage in a process of discovery in which getting out of the comfort zone and testing your strength will be at core the core of your personal growth journey.


Still Not Sure?

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