Student Services & Academic Coaching

Academic Advising


  • Academic Design, Qualifying Schools, Choosing Programs

  • Admissions Support, pre-requirements, motivation letters

  • Academic plan, specialization, course load

  • Academic skills, research and writing

  • Grading and receiving feedback

  • Housing & Student Life

  • Tuition & Financial Aid

  • Support resources

  • The role of the student

  • Underperforming

Stimulating Student Coaching Topics


  • Discover your needs and define your vision of success.

  • Plan your approach & start your search.

  • Get the facts, prioritize and narrow your options.

  • Open conversations with Friends and Family

  • Awareness and responsibilities

  • Career path & development

  • Managing Yourself

  • Multicultural challenges

  • Motivation & goals

  • I'm in trouble!

Future Students

  • Take Action & Apply to School.

  • Organize yourself

  • Student life & relocation

  • Commit / Admissions (School & Program).

  • Engage / Enrollment (classes & activities).

  • Electives & Social Programs

  • Time management & student success

The Coaching Sessions


  • Explore Resources, tools, and coaching focused on your main academic and career goals

  • Gain insight with your own critical thinking

  • Micro-learning designed to prompt further thought, research, and action

  • Program to improve yourself.

  • También en Español bilingüe!

Who are you?


  • Entry Level College

  • Current Students & Athletes

  • Recent Graduates

  • International Students (F1)

  • Graduated & Adult Students

Features of my Coaching Sessions:


  • Easy Online Booking & Remote Sessions

  • Time Zone Flexible

  • Support across many different schools, classes, programs

  • Your parents will be happy.

What Coaching in NOT?

Coaching is not tutoring, therefore I am not a subject matter expert in most of the areas of study.


As a coach I will do a needs assessment (strengths & weaknesses) to identify and provide resources to the improvement of quality and performance of the academic skills presenting challenges.