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Student & Amateur Athletes:
Lifestyle & Performance Coaching


Performing in school academics is the only way to have the opportunity to play sports. Yet your coach most likely picked you over other individuals for your athletic ability. Sounds exciting, yet a bit confusing.

The Student-Athlete academic life is demanding on and off the court or field, whether you play individual or team sports. Having to keep a full-time schedule of classes, reserved practice time, minimum grade standards, a functioning body, and the added pressure of keeping your scholarships creates a demanding lifestyle.

In my +20 year Amateur and College Sports experience, I have realized that managing the quality of your relationship between you and the institution, coaching staff and other athletes will be a defining factor of your performance happiness, and success. 

Emphasis on Time Management is a key success indicator of top-performing Student-Athletes.

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Student-Athlete Coaching Sessions Topics

Increase your Performance!

Sports Nutrition, Supplements, Habits & Wellness

Advising for Academic Challenges

Set backs & Underperformance

Sports Knowledge & Human Physiology

Strengths and Weaknesses


Student-Athlete Life 

Team Roles & Competitive Environments

Communicate with & Manage your Coaching staff.

Personal & Professional Development

The Art of Organizing Yourself


Play Abroad!

Young Athletes

Student-Athlete Features:

  • Flexible Book Online Anytime & Remote Access.

  • Private & Confidential, even when others pay for it.

  • English and Spanish Bilingual. También en Español bilingüe!

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Dedicated Sports Performance Support

Lacrosse Team
You will get back as much as you put in!

With my Online Student-Athlete Program, we will discuss topics in Nutrition, workouts, deliberate practice, defining success, creating your vision as well as endurance and mental focus training to promote higher levels of performance.

Design the sports career path of your desired success level!

​Book an individual session today to help you stay focused, organized, and in top shape so that you can enjoy the journey while you stay out of trouble in school.

Explore more with a Virtual 1on1 Consult. If you are not yet sure if coaching is for you, please click here to meet for an intro session in which we can have a conversation about how coaching can benefit you moving forward.

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