Resume Services: Tell your professional story to an audience looking to hire you.

I’m a professional coach in active roles supporting individuals with Talent Mobility & Career Transition challenges. I can help you craft your branding, including a resume review and LinkedIn polishing.


As a professional Coach, I know you want to have a valuable and confident resume to distribute in your search. Most of the "resume help job posts" I see on the web have one stressful flaw:


  1. The client hands over the resume and expects the writer to produce an excellent professional piece sharing your most potent and relevant skills.

  2. The problem is that the writer does not know you, your experience, how your work, and solve problems to achieve business objectives.

  3. The only thing you will get by engaging like this with a writer is the same resume with fancier words.

  4. Multiple revisions are done in a back and forward with no defined objectives, wasting time and creating a high friction environment between you and the freelancer.

  5. Eventually, you get something that you feel or may think you like. Still, the reason you were seeking support services is for an experienced professional to provide you with advice, guidance, and best practices.

  6. These pose additional challenges, as every word and bullet point in the resume is an invitation to a conversation in an interview. If you don’t trust how your resume is composed, it will be projected in the form of gaps in your delivery that an experienced talent sourcer or preliminary interviewer will pick up on.


How I do it?


  • I like to get to know you. I propose a first call or zoom meeting to discuss your experience, your next objective/role and start to develop the storytelling that begins with the resume and then continues with your delivery in your interactions with recruiters and hiring managers. This call will leave us with some homework after briefly introducing the smart-stories concept and sharing on possible interview questions where they will be used. 

    • A professional resume template layout will be provided to you in a document for productive comparison purposes and to use as your new resume if you like.


Why I do it this way?

My process is an additional value to You! the Talent! I want all this knowledge to stay with you to be better prepared for future transitions; therefore, my career coaching as a service is knowledge transfer to you