1 Hour Resume Workshop

Build & Deliver your professional story!


I’m a professional coach actively supporting individuals with Talent Mobility & Career Transition challenges. I can help you craft your branding, including a resume review and LinkedIn polishing so that you can stand out and lab the job!


As a professional Coach, I can understand you want to have a valuable and confident resume to distribute in your job search. This resume service is for you.

  • Resources, tools, and coaching focused on your main career goals,

  • Explore your passions, values, strengths, interests, and core beliefs,

  • Insight, guidance, and actionable ideas,

  • Micro-learning designed to prompt further innovative thought,

  • Program to improve yourself!

  • Go thru different scenarios and mock practice,

  • Uncover obstacles and patterns that may be sabotaging your success,

  • Remain focused, motivated, and accountable.


Express Resume Review & Critique
  • Line by line review

  • Learn to understand the different areas of the resume

  • Create your Value Proposition statement (Elevator Pitch)

  • Feature your Skills, Achievement & Results

  • Relate to Job Post, Keywords, and ATS.

  • Invite the Audience to read further and reach out.

  • Focus on what you want to talk about.

Acquire the ability to:

  1. Tailor your resume with the ability to make changes on the go*

  2. Understand how to tailor your resume to the job post

  3. Create an Empowering Storytelling of your experience & skills

  4. Own and Distribute your professional branding

  5. Recognize Interview types & their preparation

  6. Refresh and Polish your LinkedIn profile

  7. Tweak Cover Letters

  8. Plan Networking and follow up strategies

  9. Research Companies and Organizations

  10. Transit Job Boards

  11. Optimize your Linkedin

Expat Professionals, Nomads & Global Citizens
  • Career Development

  • International CV / Job Skills

  • Language Support / non-native English Speakers

  • International Trained Professionals

  • Re-create Your Career Abroad

  • Work Culture

  • Culture Fit

  • Freelancing

  • Job Search

  • Pivoting

  • Transitions

  • Relocation

How we will do it?

  1. I like to get to know you. I propose a call or virtual meeting to discuss your experience, your next objectives/role and start to develop the storytelling that begins with the resume and then continues with your delivery thru your interactions with recruiters and hiring managers.

  2. The call will leave us with some homework after briefly introducing the storytelling concepts, sharing possible interview questions and how they will be used. ​​


Why do I do it this way?

My process is an added value to you, the Talent!


I want all this knowledge to stay with you, for you to be better prepared for future transitions; therefore, my career coaching sessions are knowledge (know-how) transferred to you.


Resume Writing

Cover Letter Writing

or Do Things for You.

*This is NOT a resume writing service, I will not write a new resume for you. In our session, we will identify successful strategies and best practices so that you empower yourself to write your own resume. Be better prepared for future transitions.

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