Academic Design & Student Success Coaching

Benefits of Academic Coaching:

  1. Elevates your Study! Investment in you!

  2. Allows you to See, Plan and Resolve. 

  3. A place to discuss and study provocative ideas.

Many Features like:

  • Flexible Online Sessions & Easy Booking

  • Centralized Strategy for Multiple Classes, Schools & Activities

  • Private & Confidential, A Safe Place even if someone else pays for it.

Academic Advising, Student Life and online coaching for of all ages.

College Level Academic Design & Strategy

Future Students - The Search

The student success session is designed to support you with College preparation, exam taking, then to find a place to go, place to live, what to study, why to study it? There are a lot of options out there and each institution will provide you with what they see as their own academic advising.

Challenges: Visiting different schools can result in conflicting information, but the priority is understanding what you want and be able to translate that message into the selection of a school and program. Student Success Coaching is the only way to turn the tables to leverage the quality of the information towards your side.

First Time Students - Time to Go

I know that starting feels very far away from the end. Everyone will ask you to worry about your studies but you may have other stimulating priorities like learning about yourself and the world around you. Establishing a few tools and systems will allow you to get a good start of the study cycle working with academic content, organizational skills, study volume and time management. Will share tips on lifestyle and health management to increase your productivity and allow you enough time to balance and play.

Challenges: Fitting in, finding like minded people, engage in activities, confidence, what is important? why am I here?

Dealing with peer pressure, academic stress and anxieties is a regular part of a balanced student life. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

Current Students - Take Action

Study mood swings can be hard to deal with and college can feel like its never going to end. What if I tell you there is a short cut available to all that only a few take to advance college completion and it also the most fun, would you like to know more? 

Organizing and Advancing your studies you will set yourself up for success while enjoying this exiting time in your life. Study blockages are all around us. Lets Figure out your priorities so you can navigate the path forward.

Challenges: Relationships; Distractions, finding positive stimulation, finances, student life, peer pressures, social constructs, feeling stuck are some of the feeling that are part of this academic stage. 

see International Students or plan your Summer School Experience-->

Final Semester, Exams and the way ahead.. - Conquer!

The Final Study Push, you study level has increased over the last few years. College felt challenging in the beginning with so many things to pay attention to and distractions. Now things, like social life and study volume are more manageable, you have grown! Exams although stressful feel like a piece of cake, its time to get this over with. The road is about to end, yet another starts, our attention and energy begin calling from a different place. There is life after College! You can benefit from Transition Coaching

Challenges: What happens after I graduate? Lock yourself in an office for a decade or travel the world? Experience can come in many ways, which path do you wish to choose? 

If you are not sure yet if coaching is for you, go ahead and book a Virtual Consult here so we can evaluate together and develop a plan. More information on the sessions can be found here.

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