Professional Plans


Individual Session


Short Term Consult

Valid for 1 month


6 Sessions Plan




Projects and Objectives

Valid for 3 months


12 Sessions Plan




Development, Habits & Transformation

Valid for 6 months

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- Virtual Coaching Sessions -

Sessions are held online using different channels. My calendar Booking tool, Calendly, syncs with Zoom to provide a remote Virtual Coaching Experience on Desktop and Mobile devices. Other tools that are effective are WhatsApp, Skype, or Phone Calls. We can meet using the modality that feels more comfortable with you.

Single sessions address single topics. It can be a daily blockage, on-the-job management support, help thinking thru a scenario, or attacking one of your goals. The more I meet with you the more I will know about you, this is also true for you. We become a dynamic duo working together to create empowering energy in your life.

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Session Topics

Efficient coaching sessions:
• 30-minute sessions
• Agree on agenda/progress/objective in advance
•  Focus on micro-actions that feed bigger goals

Personal & Professional Wellness

Resilience Training

Initial Career Discovery

Professional Branding and Resume



Expats &


Support Your Team

Career Transition & Pivoting

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And Much More!

What to Expect?


What it is:
• Resources, tools, and coaching focused on four main career goals
• Insight, guidance, and actionable ideas
• Micro-learning designed to prompt further thought, research, and action
• Program to improve oneself


In the program, we will be to close any open quests in your life that are holding you back over a set number of sessions. Having closure and leaving this energy behind allows you to make space for newer better things to come. We then set new quests to propel you forward with new positive habits and objectives.

A session program can also be used as support for a specific project or deadline. Coaching is an ally to you to reach your objectives. Work or study deadlines can be supported to promote the quality of your work while using your energy where you want it.

Coaching is Return on Investment to you!

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At first, our sessions are more frequent or longer as we get to know each other. A Coach will ask clarifying yet powerful questions intended to go deeper into challenges, uncover information, feelings, and strong desires that may be producing your blockages and creating resistance that is holding you back. This is a great exercise to clarify your objectives and set a structured plan for you to actively and intentionally move towards achieving those goals.

After some initial progress, the virtual sessions will be less frequent but more stimulating and provoking as your Coach will support you in navigating your path to success, hold you accountable, and give you that extra push when you need it. As your Coach, I will support you and celebrate your every accomplishment, no matter how small.

Email Follow-ups

Consists of a summary of what we talked about in the session. Some analysis of the dynamics of the session and a few advising points to keep in mind for future sessions (Forward Thinking). This process involves some individual thinking and processing. At least 30 more minutes of my time will be dedicated to the specific session we had. I will reply within 24 hrs of our session. Follow-up allows also to point you to resources you can engage with on your own to continue your journey.