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The Art of Travelling Solo: a personal journey to meet others

If you have never gotten the chance to travel the world alone, this is one thing you should be in your bucket list NOW. Whether you love or hate being alone in general, this is something you will come to appreciate. There are so many benefits when travelling on your own and the best part is that is fun!

Solo travel is outgrowing all tourism segments, the numbers have increased by almost 20% between 2007 and 2011.

The life lessons you bring back with you will tremendously change you and your views of the world. The personal journey you undergo whilst being in a completely new environment really does make you appreciate the small things. You will become independent while learning things about yourself you may not have ever found out in your regular environment. For instance, you might realize being alone in a different country pushes you to become more outgoing and social. However, it might do the opposite and you may not feel comfortable speaking to strangers. There is really only one way to find out!

Is a challenge when you are forced to converse with people who do not speak the same language as you do. Taking classes and attending summer school is an amazing way to promote this environment.

I found travelling overseas really opened my eyes to being alone. I used to say how much I enjoyed being alone. However, soon I realized I wanted to share things with others and speak to people on a daily basis about my stories and ventures. I travel alone to meet others when other cant follow. This is because my desires to travel and see the world have become more exiting than waiting for other to see if they want to come along. Our friendships are changing as we grow and with that new friendships will also come into your life when you increase your exposure to live in the real world.

This is why I became a blogger. But along with the difficulties one experiences being out of the comfort zone away from home, come the greatest achievements you gain along the way. You learn to be a great adapter to things life throws at you, a kind of problem-solver, more independent and self aware as well as less self-conscious.

You need to learn a foreign language (if you're lucky enough) and the best part is meeting so many people that also become lifelong friends.

Thus, my tips for solo travel are simple. Get out of your comfort zone, test your strength, push your personal limits, book a coaching session and say YES to new things!


Reference: Bianchi, Connie. "Leave the Family Behind: Solo Travellers are not who you think" Science Daily, Queensland University of Technology, 19 Aug. 2015.

Written by: Tyanna De Assis, Digital Influencer at in Sydney, Australia

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