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The Art of Travelling, Solo...

Updated: Jan 6

What might be better than gaining possibility to mull over your life issues, savor the beauty of nature and go sightseeing.

Perhaps, it is hard to disagree that we are in a crucial need to travel solo. It opens wider horizons and gives as more space for thinking. It leads us to deeper considerations. Solo travelling has not only increased in the last years but it is now also a symbol of individualism, self-discovery and adventure. If this sounds in line with your desires, let's discuss them together:

Time to go..

If you had to wait for others to join you, you still be waiting. Friends and family we grew up with have found and grown their own interest in other areas and perhaps travelling, destinations, time or travelling like you is not of their desire. This should not stop you. Taking Action is the most powerful way to get out of the static cycle.

Inspiration is the key to our life success.

Travel is the source of aspiration.

Travelling with others yet, Solo

You may encounter others along the way but you stay with others for short periods of time and distance. Overall, you are in your own journey but you also stop to share in the journey of others, that is part of the adventure. You have your own goals and your own center of energy that is guiding you, a compass that leads to getting to know yourself.

Is it the Journey or the Destination?

-Someone wondered, et al.

Solo Passport & Personal Travel Profile

In the era of visas and multiple nationalities, global citizens may be from certain states or have entry to countries where others can't or wont follow. Some friends are moving abroad temporarily, while others travel for work internationally registering with special visa permits.

As you embark in your journey, the world gets bigger and overwhelming as far as the volume of new information, yet smaller in the way you navigate it. Our passport along with attached visas and stamped travel history represent identifying document that links our travel and international behavior.

Benefits of Requesting a visa and entry into different countries for educational reasons early in your life is a great way to build your international travel profile for later use academically and professionally.

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