Quarantine: How Isolation Can Become an Intentional Choice to Conquer Yourself.

The world is in crisis, people are spending increased amounts of time at home, in a closed environment, and away from others. For some it is not good, for others, it's ok. To each their own, but it is definitely agreed that this is a time of transition and perhaps transformation. What you do during this time and how you come out of it will be nothing but your own choice. How do you want to come out of it?

Article written by Lucas Evangelista.

All of the sudden, extra time was created. This doesn't ever happen and in this case its because all your future commitments have all been cancelled. In our regular life (pre virus) and for many thousands of years, we humans have all complained that we don't have enough time to get things done, to do other things than work. Yet people work hard all the time. Efficiently and meaningfulness are different concepts not to be mixed with what you and only you undertand as the meaning of "hard" in your own reality and experience. Humans are wired to complain and it takes extra awareness practice and energy to channel that energy into productive outcomes.

You have experienced that time flies when you are enjoying yourself, but the opposite is also true, time stands still when you are thinking about the negative.

- a very heavy Anchor

Negative Energy produces more negative energy and thoughts. In my last few weeks I have video chatted with many people around the world and they have all shared their feelings and thoughts from their own perspective, how they are dealing with the immense amount of information coming from constant news updates on the pandemic and from other people. We are all connected to each other and the pulsation comes from many different sources and in several intensities. Many are going thru this quarantine with a lot on uncertainty, which creates anxiety and stress. It's ok to feel this way. For those with affected relatives, my thoughts are with you. However, you are also the only one that can flip the energy and produce positive action.

Pain is Unavoidable, Suffering is Optional, the Victory is Forever!

- The Tallest Single Standing Mountain in the World

The quarantine is a perfect time to work on yourself. Look inside and find the creative energy you been wanting to use. Here are a few tips that I have collected from many interviews and Coaching Sessions I have performed in March with people like you in California, Texas, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Australia, Ireland, England, Russia, Turkey, Ivory Coast, Brazil and The Netherlands composed of locals and expats living in these countries. I would like to note that Quarantine restrictions are different in each country.

This is article is intended to promote change in your immediate outlook, which only narrows your capacity to navigate the quarantine and creates stress, into a more open vision that will allow you to adopt the power of Farsighted Perspective:

1. Pick up a book. Dig your mind into absorbing new information that will allow you to improve yourself. Beginning to read is sometimes exhausting, just like starting a new workout program after you been lazy for a while, the mind and your eyes require training to eventually become very efficient at reading but also processing the information. Create an intentionally isolated but temporary world in which your thoughts and feelings can come out to play. You can then keep doing this after the physical confinement is over. I will transform your mind.

I have particularly been reading on Human Behavior, to which the quarantine creates a nice contrast to perform behavioral observation.

#reading #shareabook

2. Human Connection. Humans are social animals, isolation can change our behavior greatly to the point of further isolation, depression and other more traumatic outcomes. The prediction is that those that have a hard time dealing with transitions and have been forced into the quarantine, will then have additional trouble to come out of it. This can look like switching the partner that goes out to work, people staying back because of the construct the new reality produces on them, and many other cases in which sensitive individuals will not want have to return to normalcy until others do it first.

We have fear of the virus and act accordingly to protect ourselves, until a bigger fear comes to us, like hunger, then we will start to behave in different ways.

Social practice has to be included as a regular stimulus in your isolation routine if you would like to have a smooth transition back out into the world. For many under soft quarantines, like in the Netherlands, Scandinavia and USA so far can still occasionally gather with friends while others have returned to live with family. For those in hard mandatory quarantine like Argentina or California, video chatting will be the new thing to try. I have connected with friends from all over the world in the last few weeks over video chat sharing our experiences, and for many doing so its their first time.

Texting has taken away over time the real connection of communication while voice calling has made us rely on non-verbal communication. Practicing all of them is a good variety to keep our communication skills active and polished. Video chat has definitely become the better way to seek connection and air hugs.

For those quarantining with a significant other, partners or kids, many have been sharing on how they are getting to know these people again. From spending a few hours a day together, everyone with their own responsibilities, you are now spending every given hour of the day together. This can brew conflict. Instead of using conflict to win, elevate yourself to use conflict to grow, this will create a stronger connection and reality with others. Conflict is part of the process, and only will become negative if you use it as an opportunity to overpower each other which you will have plenty of opportunity to do in close confinement.


3. Find the Kitchen. Coaching many people from around the world I have noticed that extroverts in particular are having a harder time than introverts because extroverts like to be out and about meeting people to recharge energy. This is great when the world works in it regular state or routine (or so we think so) but in confinement we are forced to leave a life style behind and have to crash land into another. Exploration is needed and welcomed, feed your soul. Most extroverts have found that they can cook single means for themselves breaking a construct in which the kitchen is only used to entertain big groups. Do some meal prepping, experiment with ingredients and allow yourself to fail. It all comes with practice and you will also save money by cooking yourself.

Ultimately, in the worst case supply and logistics scenario for those living in the cities, you will find less processed and packaged food as the supply narrows and only raw produces will be found. You are learning a survival skill.

I don't have to say much to introverts here, you probably learned how to cook an egg long time ago, but make sure you cheer up and celebrate the extroverted first attempt at doing so. More power to the introverts, we rule the world!

This is a Great Opportunity for Nutritional and Mental Cleansing

- The Universe


Diet is what you eat but also what comes in thru your eyes. Make sure you cleanse the social media accounts you follow, and replace negative, excess consumption, marketing messages that produce jealousy or envy. These negative outlets will make you feel exited just temporarily and will longer and always make you feel like you are missing something (FOMO) in your life. Be aware of this and take action. No matter what you do you wont be able to have the lives of other people, you have your own life to create & direct. The resentment will produce negative energy within you, sending you on a quest in which you will never feel satisfied. Replace these with positive messages, accounts involving mediation and mindfulness practices, positive adventure and exploration and getting out of the comfort zone.


4. Spring Cleaning. Time to let some energy go. In the previous world order you were constantly stimulated thru marketing and social construct to buy! buy! buy!. I Feel by now, a few weeks into quarantine, you have realized that you can't use much of the physical things you have bought in several colors shades just to match with other textures and that the expensive bag or shoes will not feed you nor make you feel better. Luxury will actually drag you down, to have so many things you have to maintain but can't really use. Let some of them go. You now have the time, the space and the energy to liberate them, this will make room available to use that energy for something new and positive to come into your life. Try the minimalist lifestyle by making room for positive things to come into your life!

#positiveenergy #lessismore

5. Fitness Time. In relation with the above paragraph on Human Connection, Fitness & Mobility are essential practices you have to adopt to be ready to go back into the world once the isolation is over. Not finding a stimulating way of exercising regularly can have detrimental effects on your mobility, weight, strength and as a result in your confidence that will later create a vicious feeding cycle of more laziness and depressive states.

The Quarantine presents opportunity to slow down, pause and reflect

in prayer or meditation.

- The Queen of England, April 2020

The Scandinavians know this very well, as they are culturally directed to take part of their vacation time during the dark winter to replenish on Sun exposure, and therefore Vitamin D, which is directly related to depression states of mind. Go outside, on the balcony, open a window, try a roof top and receive some natural energy.

I been particularity working out in the basement parking lot as it is the biggest area I found to be able to run, and the access ramp poses a nice incline challenge to engage with. The rest of body exercises can be done at home with household elements, guided workouts, apps, and TV if you still have one of those around.

For those that can't seem to find a new routine, click on the above picture and see the details of a daily Routine at the Alcatraz facility when it was active back in the day

Video chat workouts with friends will allow you to use your Human Connection to do exercise together with others, share tips on nutrition and release some stress in the process. This sounds like a great way to tap into a few aspects of the quarantine self-maintenance at a single time. Find your Balance!

Practicing the Wim Hof Method in the California Winter
Practicing the Wim Hof Method in the California Winter

I have particularly picked up the Wim Hof Method in the last few years, a way to change the chemistry of your body and mind by your own action, power, and meditative practice. Learning how to connect with yourself is the most powerful tool you will have in your life. Anyone can do it!

#alonetogether #selfpartneredisolation #wimhofmethod

5. Get ahead. You had an idea to start a business, make a proposal, work on research or update your resume. The quarantine is the perfect time to create and add value to your plan of conquering the world. Just don't forget that it will require conquering yourself in the process. You will get back as much or more of what you put in. Create Synergy, The journey or the destination?

The End of the quarantine is an uncertain point in time, however, when it does happen it will happen slowly. By that time you shall be ready to go, to reclaim your active life, your work, your purpose. If you wait until someone else tells you the quarantine is over to start to come out of it, you will already be late. In a race, the starting line is not the place to start training or to start to fix your car for the race, it is the culmination of all the practice and training into ultimate performance. Be ready to go!

Think about what has been postponed in your life and why. Make an advancement in this area. You only know the answer to this and everyone has different desires.

Understand that many people that were forced into this transition are having a hard time leaving old habits behind and acquiring new habits to help them cope with the new quarantine normal. This will also be true when the transition to get out of the pandemic sets in, gaining new habits, going out into a world you thought you knew but that now has a new normal, will be hard work also. Additionally, you have to accept the reality that many will just not make it out of the house for a long time after they see others do it. If you are ahead, become a leader and guide others out of the quarantine tunnel.

#conqueryourself #leadershipbyexample

6. Keep up the studies. For those in school, many of you have switched to online classes. This transition is uncomfortable as far as your regular routine, feedback from professors and other students, and lifestyle, but I will allow you to concentrate fully on your studies which is the ultimate goal. I have heard that many have consolidated their things and went to stay with parents or friends as you don't need to be alone in this process. It's ok to be around people as they will provide healthy distractions.

Once your current semester is over, make sure you dive into more classes so you have goals and objectives to work towards. Skipping classes because of the quarantine not only will set you back, it will make you lazy, and when classes resume you will see how others got ahead making you feel disappointed with yourself. Don't let this happen, the choice is yours.


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