How to Achieve Transformation thru Deliberate Practice

I believe that in order to achieve mental and physical transformation with the purpose of optimal mind-body alignment, just "30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity activities" is not enough.

The article was written by Lucas Evangelista.

Mastery in any discipline requires deliberate practice. The difference between practice and deliberate practice is the objectives of the practice and the deliberate target of specific training to achieve and then surpass these goals.

For example, you enjoy running in the trails every day. It keeps you active, healthy and releases stress. All very positive effects of the physical activity and also the frequency of the activity.

Without deliberate practice, going out for a run will keep you physically healthy yet transformational stagnant. It will not produce the change necessary to take your performance to the next level because It will not ignite your body and your mind to produce the energy for change. After eating away non-stop for days, the caterpillar increases its performance by collecting sufficient critical energy to turn into a butterfly. Now it can fly!

If the caterpillar was not able to secure enough food energy, its chances of transitioning into becoming a butterfly decreases.
Energy Required to achieve Transformation

If the caterpillar was not able to secure enough food energy,

the chances of transitioning into becoming a butterfly decrease.

This is also true to personal and professional relationships and the amount work associated to build them. You study multiple hours a week in college to achieve a degree, you work 30 to 40 hours a week to provide yourself with income and financial stability, yet although you been with your own body as long as you have, you barely have tapped into its potential, other that what others have told you that you are capable of. It starts with making yourself a priority.

Recommended vs Transformational Physical Activities

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition recommends 30 minutes of physical activity per day, interestingly enough, only 5 days a week. Other important websites like the CDC or the American Heart Association take on this advise and promote as such.

Another concept that is hard to follow and is individual to each individual is the intensity of the exercise. I'm sure you understand that a certain amount of heart rate has to be achieved or the amount/volume of weights one can lift or move. However, these are concepts easier read than done. Achieving a certain level of intensity and be able to maintain it for extended periods of time without negative consequences takes practice in the areas of muscular strength, flexibility, breathing, nutrition and many other parts of the connected chain of movement of the body.

With deliberate practice, you will be able to identify your limitations and intentionally push your own boundaries.

Deliberate practice builds on regular practice or innate abilities, additionally integrating defined goals and strategies to achieve these objectives.

Tactics, like training specific muscle workouts, introducing breathing techniques to keep the an oxygenated body and mind, personal nutrition, meditation methods, investment in self-development, positive social life personal habits digital diet can help you build a strong center of energy within yourself.

After developing your individual skills in many new aspects, the Training is designed to push you in the path of achieving specific goals like performing at a sports competition, transform your body to be able to play along with other individuals or groups, raise to the next level, align with your desires, design your path, direct your life, restore and increase confidence, create work and life balance, get what you want, etc...

Avoid Negative Reinforcement

When every time we attempt to exercise, we receive negative consequences, in the likes of injuries, over exhaustion, stress and anxiety or unable to meet goals; the predictable results is that we will lower our intensity or fully quit to avoid the pain. Most importantly, avoid the fear associated with the pain, which will shape our memory and our confidence to continue.

When this occurs, you are serving for your own negative reinforcement, and you are helping yourself quit. You can learn how to work with yourself, instead of against you. Avoid setting your own obstacles thru limited beliefs, old assumptions and by creating new memories.

When you believe, you, therefore, can achieve.

Skin cells regenerate the entire tissue every few days, while your body takes about 15 years to create a whole new skeletal system cell by cell. Turning this observation into actionable knowledge we can create a predictable path towards the body and mind of your future. At this point, the Desire to Change becomes the most influential requirement to conquer.