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How Obstacles to Your Personal Transformation Journey are Closer than You Think.

"My partner isn't comfortable with me doing personal development work." - someone told me the other day. Suffice to say that this person decided against their own personal transformation, despite feeling ready and more than eager to do the work. No one else other than yourself should have power over your own personal and spiritual growth decisions. Not your mom, dad, sibling, grandma/pa, spouse, partner, friend... If you're basing your decisions on someone else's opinion of what you should or shouldn't do, you're giving your power away and asking to continue being stuck and frustrated.

I get it You don't want to leave your loved one/s behind. You want them to feel comfortable with you. The thing is, you're doing them a disservice. You're reinforcing the stuckness they're in. And you're helping them support you in continuing to live in a place of unfulfillment, fear, frustration, and scarcity. And so, the vicious, draining cycle goes on.

When you evolve, that transformation emanates from within and spreads effortlessly, helping those around you evolve as well. It becomes a beautiful dance where you and those close to you begin to rise. Where you break the victim, scarcity, unworthiness cycle and lift everyone you love up.

This happens just by you going through your own personal transformation. No extra work is needed. So, step up, take the lead, show them what's possible by example. They will see it and follow you.

But first, you need to experience it yourself.


Francesca Perotti is an Empowerment Coach and a true citizen of the world, traveling for the last 11 years. She coaches and mentors people, teaching them how to stop putting their lives on hold, and create a life of freedom, passion, and purpose. You can find more of her work on, and connect with her on Instagram @francescaperotti

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