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The Art of Travelling Solo: Day, Travel & Adventure Back Packs

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Every Adventure requires the right gear. Having a versatile, durable and functional travel pack will save you on headaches, chiropractor visits and poor travel energy.

Article written by Lucas Evangelista

For a Day Pack I would like to recommend the North Face Recon backpack for both travel and adventure. This pack is a simple yet reliable choice that converts from a carry-on pack to a outdoor, workout and hiking pack day pack. This is my first North Face back pack, an additional to a few Base Camp Bags in different sizes I use to group my travel gear in order to be more mobile.

I recently took this bag into Yosemite and Grand Canyon National parks and its been my hike to the beach pack while working in California. Bag is Weather-resistant and zippered pocket compartment allows you to separate wet clothes, dirty shoes or extra gear without sacrificing volume.

grand canyon west gate from Hoover Dam Sep 2019

I store The Recon pack inside one of my checked bags as it runs very flat when empty. In occasions is use it to compress my insulated hiking jacket, and still place it inside one of the checked luggage. Most important here it perhaps not the bag itself but the system, as you will use what you have at hand and upgrade over time. But why upgrade? Well that is a good question. You upgrade when you have of find the need to a more reliable equipment.

Establishing a system will be much more useful long term skill since when you learn travel and packing systems it will make your life easier.

For more of a professional pack, I recommend TUMI back packs. I have used several pieces of TUMI Luggage, laptop bags and back packs over the years. The well though compartments and padded design protects your electronics with additional well structured storage space. TUMI bags are also full of internal and external (and secret) pockets and other bag accessories and design features that allow the bags to easily take on the elements.

TUMI also provides amazing customer service to the bags in any locations and stores around the world. I remember I was Sweden when one of my wheels collapsed while walking from Stockholm Central Station, having put extra weight on top of the medium bag. Next day I dropped it off at the local TUMI store where they sent it to Germany for repair and then on to Texas for delivery withing 3 weeks.

Regardless of the pack you use, just remember it to pack it with the proper items.

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