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5 Strong Reasons to Have a Study Abroad Discussion with your Parents

Enabling a discussion with your others regarding the desires to study abroad can be hard to do and sustain. The following articles gives you 5 strong reasons to promote and elevate your level of confidence to talk to your parents about your study abroad ideas.

Article written by Lucas Evangelista


Students who study abroad often have a deeper understanding of the world around us not only in the here and now but with historical perspective that can be gained only through interacting with people from other place and time. Through taking one or 2 or even 3 classes well in a study abroad program provide an opportunity like no other to be exposed to and hear from the authorities on a matter. Additionally, when a college, program or job application demonstrates than a student has chosen to study abroad, it illustrates their capacity and eagerness and willingness to try something new, cope with something unfamiliar, and find success and story telling that adds to their own world perspective and philosophy of life.

When an individual studies abroad his or her well-roundness increases as their exposure to travel unfamiliar places and new people and processes are challenged. To be able to successfully navigate in a country abroad, even if it is a country that speaks the same language, but far more so if it is a country for which it is a second language for the student is a tremendous accomplishment and the scholarship that is involved in the classroom and in that I'm outside the classroom demonstrates a commitment and power of discipline for a student to complete such an abroad program.


Philosophy is about how we think about how the world around us is and behaves and is supposed to be and can be. Philosophy is the broad subject of understanding and thinking about life views and the things that influence life views and the way things can theoretically work best and the ways that things do just tend to be around us and our understanding of that as we live and breathe and work and play and exist in them. "we are a product of our environment".

When a student chooses to study abroad for the summer those minimal weeks there perhaps a month or 2 can really influence the student’s philosophy. A limited view that one has while remaining in city our neighborhood or state is obviously limiting, so when a student studies abroad here she is exposed to new ideas and new ways of thinking but more importantly self reflection comes into play as a student is away from familiar sights and sounds and people. The dependability of the people and processes that the student normally relies on at home or in familiar surroundings is unavailable, and this helps a student explore his or her own philosophies as each navigates in the study abroad program.

Philosophies of life are formed through our education, parents transfer, our experiences our perceptions and our understanding of circumstances within and outside of our control. Some philosophies have to do with politics and other philosophies have to do with religion or theology, and yet other philosophies have to do with economic practices society community, social justice, individualism, etc. When a student is in a study abroad program, the safe environment to explore different philosophies among other students and the Educational Leaders, will help and promote the student broader openness to new ideas and culture systems. This is the beginner training of a very powerful skill called "Multicultural Problem Solving"

Education in a study abroad program is

an immeasurable benefit to each student.


What better way to feed one’s mind than to offer new stimuli of unfamiliar yet safe environment and opportunities within a study abroad program? When students imagination is engaged in a foreign location, the people, places, things and ideas that the student experiences helps open their mind to new possibilities. This creative power and innovation comes from direct interaction and exposure to the subjects and explored in many study abroad programs. Especially in the extra-curricular time that is spent in and around the city where the programs are taking place or field trips that happen as excursions to show historical landmarks of very significant events, places of art and culture, and food to help inform those students open mind to culture.


As adults or mature people we know that culture is something that embodies the ways in which a certain group of people behave and act and are based on their history, their beliefs, their customs, the things they hold most dear to their hearts and Language. For young people the word culture is not so clear, we are just receiving it from our parents. Our understanding of word culture is limited to the size of our individual world which tends to elicit ideas about restaurants and menus or music.

When you understand the Dynamics of the World,

you have a Superpower!

It is incredible how exposure in a summer study abroad program brings a very clear understanding of what another culture really means and how has come to be while examining your own in contrast.

Doing a Google search on cultural differences between America and certain Asian countries, while informative not a real tangible experience. Experiencing the process of trial and error is so much more meaningful and memorable in the real world, and the resulting skills will build much more stronger cross cultural skills and cultural meaning.


This one might be obvious since a study abroad program is actually studying, but the actual education a student receives in a study abroad program exceeds what is to be discussed. The professors or faculty members each one have unique and very different insights that most home teachers and the student’s hometown don't have access to.

For instance a French study abroad program talking about history also has the ability to show artwork done by French artist that impact the French revolution period all simultaneously, which allows to build deep context increasing the quality of the study.

The far reaching other areas outside of a book or a lecture hall are the ones that also better the student as he/she has actually absorbed through his or her experience in the study abroad program by walking the streets, meeting the people, and experiencing the ins and outs of the individual in a foreign culture.

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