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4 Powerful Summer School Programs and Study Abroad Experiences for 2021

A quick review of schools and courses with fun and stimulating programs for summer school and powerful study abroad experiences.

Article written by Lucas Evangelista

Technical Courses

The Summer University at Denmark Technical University is primarily intended for students who want to build up credits in advance for Applied Science and Engineering study programs. Summer University DTU offers about 100 different courses.

There are many different kinds of courses to choose from, each period lasts three weeks. For example: Research immersion which includes laboratory work with a PhD or a postdoc; Field courses, for instance sailing; Danish Industry Foundation courses on innovation and entrepreneurship. Campus is north of Copenhagen in Lyngby but has plenty of access from Nyhavn Harbor and Airport via a well lubricated bus and train systems.

Single Courses and Track Programs

The Utrecht Summer School offers a broad selection of over 200 summer courses in various disciplines. Situated 20 minutes train from Amsterdam, The Summer School is a cooperation of the Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. I have taken several classes at Utrecht in different disciplines. My favorite so far is Research Methods in Intercultural Communication. This is a fun 1-week class with a varied Regional and International audience composed of International professionals and Governmental representatives, bilingual teachers and professors and translators. Campus for this class is right in Utrecht's walk-able city center. One of the huge benefits of summer school in Utrecht is that you can stay at the Student Housing in Uithof campus at a discount while enrolled in classes.

VU Amsterdam Summer School offers interactive small-scale courses at Bachelor and Master level. Courses are designed to provide an intensive, in-depth look at your topic of study whilst engaging in discussions with a unique group of peers from all over the world. During the month of July they offer 2-week courses.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is the first European institution to offer a degree in Organizational Behavior Management, and this is the first course in Europe to teach it in a summer school setting. VU facilitated my student housing at Hotel School The Hague Amsterdam among the different options they offer.

The first day of classes there is a walk thru campus for all students to locate the market, the coffee shops and the restaurants inside the Campus located in walking distance from Amsterdam-Zuidas train station, accessible by tram and off course by bicycle. Later, after the first class, the afternoon closes with a refreshing networking event for all students, so does each last day of class.

Business School

Join the International Summer University Programme at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), one of Europe’s largest and oldest summer programs, and experience exciting courses taught by brilliant faculty as well as the amazing spirit of wonderful Copenhagen. Located in a few steps from Frederiksberg metro station, the program provides participants with an exceptional opportunity to study in a truly international environment and combine high-quality learning with an unforgettable summer experience. CBS offers over 50 courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, both classic business courses as well as more diverse courses that draw on other academic disciplines. Among the themes of CBS courses, Entrepreneurship has a special place, as a prioritized CBS subject that engages students and combines all the different business disciplines. Courses run over a six-week period, where students can take up to two courses and provides university credits.

Utrecht summer school 2018 Multicultural Communications netwroking

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