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Mentor Coaching Sessions

Receive mentor coaching to strengthen your skills within the Core Coaching Competencies

- 30 to 45 minutes call setting -


Lucas Evangelista

Associate Certified Coach by the ICF


Single Session purchase:


Same day booking when available

A Bit About Me

My Coaching journey started as a way to support Higher education research students to organize and complete thesis work to complete their degrees. 


Facing burnout together with a need to reconnect with my values and purpose I joined the life changing Coaching program at the Institute for the Excellence fo Coaching (iPEC) in 2018 and received my ICF certification in 2021.


My natural tendencies to make wellness, health and energy connections to the human self comes from my athletic career and undergraduate studies in Physiology and Human Performance.

As an immigrant and a global citizen I bring multicultural problem solving to all of my coaching sessions. We will pursue higher quality conversations that will elevate your awareness of the available opportunities and real possibilities; inviting you to take action, engage in your passions, and align with your values to move you forward.

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