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Welcome to the Candidate Improvement & Support 

Don't have a resume?

The resume review and interview practice session I perform requires for the candidates to have a working resume. 

If you don't have a resume/cv or cover letter, then your options are:

1 - You can start with the use of a template to build your resume base.
This self-made practice serves as a warm up to the resume review session. In the session we will build on your resume base and bring forward more ideas on refining the resume, best practices, and how to use your resume to link yourself to the results and your achievements. 

2 - You can hire a resume writer or resume service to build you a new resume.
This will still require a template that you will pay extra to have someone else fill for you. For this the resume writer will be interviewing you, asking you what you want to have in the resume. When you receive the resume back, you may like it or you may not, in any case you have to learn how to use it and make it work for you when applying for jobs and in your interviews.


The resume review session can help candidates put it all together, develop a plan of action and further your thinking.

To take ownership of your professional branding, click here.

"Having the resume is only the half way point"

Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office

Virtual Intro Consult

Intro session at no cost to you designed to explore how coaching methodology can help with your challenges.

Coaching Consult

20 minute call to explore your immediate challenges and define next steps.

Resume Review Call

Dive into an immediate resume review with interview preparation

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