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1 Hour Resume Review session with a Career Coach 

Resume Review with Interview Preparation

I help entry level and talented professionals land jobs better aligned with their values!


Work with a Certified Coach and HR Professional to craft your message, including a line by line resume review with interview preparation so that you can stand out to land the job without having to spend your money in a new resume.

Resume Review & Feedback
  • Line by line review with actionable feedback 

  • Learn to understand the why in each area of the resume

  • Deliver your Value Proposition in under 60 seconds

  • Feature your Skills, Achievements & Results

  • Focus on what you want to talk about.

  • Invite your resume audience to reach out!

  • How to successfully use your CV in job boards.

Interview Preparation

  • Dive right into a Mock Interview saving your valuable time

  • Deliver your Career progression

  • Practice storytelling your results and achievements

  • Introduction to "The Consultant" mindset

  • Strategies for answering strengths and weaknesses

  • Self Leadership & Management Questions

  • Prepare for 3 to 4 interviews before you receive an offer.

  • Responding vs reacting to interview questions

  • 5 Questions to ask in your interview

  • Optional: Virtual Interview Test: Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams

Empower your ability to:
  1. Project your confidence and energy

  2. Tailor your CV making changes on the go

  3. Recognize how to align your resume to the job post, ATS

  4. Create an empowering Storytelling of your experience & skills

  5. Recognize Interview types & their preparation

  6. Refresh and polish your professional social media profiles

  7. Polish networking and follow-up strategies

  8. Research companies and organizations

  9. Better manage yourself!

  • Work with your current resume

  • Get to the next Job faster

  • Improvement after 1 session

  • Guaranteed to get you more calls

  • Learn something about yourself

  • Cost effective methodology

Job interview

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My Credentials

This resume service is for you only if: want to work with a professional coach with a proven success record helping candidates get to their next stop in their career journey.

  • Coaching focused on your main career goals.

  • Immediate needs vs future path

  • Passions, values, strengths, interests, and core beliefs,

  • Insight, guidance, and actionable ideas,

  • Micro-learning, resources, tools.

  • a program to improve yourself!

  • Different scenarios and mock practice,

  • Obstacles and patterns that may be sabotaging your success.

Expat, Nomads & Global Citizens
  • Career Development - Tambien en Español!

  • International CV / Job Skills

  • Language Support / non-native English Speakers

  • International Trained Professionals

  • Re-create Your Career Abroad

  • Work Culture & Culture Fit

  • Freelancing & Contract Work

  • Job Search & Job Boards

  • PivotingTransitions & Relocation

Credentias resume landing
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Upload your current resume for a quick review by human eyes.

.doc or .docx document only
Resumes with no contact info will not be contacted. 

Coaching Meeting Style & Process

  1. We start with call or virtual meeting to discuss your experience, your next objectives/role and start to develop the storytelling that begins with your career progression shared in your resume, then continues with your delivery of job related questions, past experiences, action-results statements, and the use of your skills that will come up in the different interview stages.

  2. The call will leave us with some homework after briefly introducing the storytelling concepts, sharing potential interview questions and how they will be used. ​​A follow up email with a brief description of topics from the session and future improvement plan. We will continue the exchange via email and chat or schedule a follow up call.


Why do it this way?

The Entrepreneur mindset process is an added value to you, the Talent!


All this knowledge is to stay with you, for you to be better prepared for future transitions; therefore, career coaching sessions are knowledge (know-how) transferred to you with your improved awareness and ability to put it into practice.


Resume Writing

Cover Letter Writing

*This is NOT a resume writing service, I will not write a new resume for you. In our session, we will identify successful strategies while implement best practices so that you empower yourself to work with your own resume and be better prepared for future transitions.

Not sure if this is for you? Click here to follow this special link to book a 15 minutes intro session with a career coach at no cost to you, in which we can discuss and clarify the scope of the work, take a peak at your challenges, your objectives and desired results.

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