Resilience Training Experience

Austin, Texas

Zilker Park, Barton Springs & Creek, Town Lake, Greenbelt, Lady Bird Lake & Downtown.


City Hiking: Fitness & Coaching Training Experience - $49/pp

- 2 to 3 hours - Departures Times 9am & 4pm

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Body & Mind. In this hiking experience we will hike/march in between the trails covering distance while we engage in a coaching conversation and activities on topics of fitness including meditation, breathing, stretching, wellness, positive habits like intermittent fasting.

My objective is the transfer of knowledge and know-how, elevate the conversation, introduce terminology, concepts, methods and verbiage that improves communication to create an experience that triggers provocative thought.

Your responsibility is to understand and decide on your priorities, build your definition of success and create a defined path towards your objectives.

How we will do it:

  • Growth Mindset,

  • Positive Psychology,

  • Intermittent Fasting,

  • Get out of the comfort zone

  • Ice Bathing.

  • Disconnecting.

  • Being Present & Focusing on yourself.

  • Letting go.

  • Moving Forward.

Build your Resilience & Increase your Confidence.

Show up for an experience in contact with nature and yourself!


What you get:

  1. Do things you could not do before,

  2. Develop a healthy relationship with Change,

  3. Learn to recognize stressors in social media/marketing regarding visual and food diets,

  4. Reward Positive Behavior,

  5. Show up for yourself,

  6. Learn to Uphold Boundaries, value your time and energy,

  7. Stop chasing your own tail

  8. Discontinue distractions and unhealthy habits to set achievable priorities,

  9. Create a path of small goals towards your objectives.

  10. Face and Conquer bigger and more complex challenges

  11. Raise to the next level



Life Design & Intentional Action. In life, everything is connected. Gain the awareness to see these connections all around. See these connections by practicing mindfulness, emotional center awareness, re-framing, self-development strategies that will lead you to intentionally seek to get out of the comfort zone, embrace change, setting and achieving goals, aligning with your desires, designing your path and becoming the director of your life.

When it comes to your body, your mind and your life, 

the only one that does and should know best about you, is You! 


Sign up for this experience today to push your transformation forward.


Lucas Evangelista

Certified Professional Coach

Austin, Texas

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