Assisting Parents to Support Students

The Remote Student Advising Program for Parents of students is designed to provide you as a parent or responsible adult, the necessary Tools and Conversational Skills to guide your young students through the challenges of College Academic Life, relocation, study abroad, student life & finances.

Being a parent while your young ones are getting ready to go to College is a complex, challenging and exiting stage. Full education is something you have promoted to them as a healthy cultural ideology. Having to take care of work, household responsibilities and sometimes others already comes with a level of stress. How much would you like to better manage the additional responsibilities as your teenagers become positively more curious?


Promote the discussion environment when they start asking for information regarding college and their opportunities.

As a Leader, you desire to:

  1. Protect your Human Investment and Promote its Growth!

  2. Protect your Emotional Investment and keep it a Drama Free Zone!

  3. Protect your Financial Investment while Multiplying its Return!

Coaching is a direct & protective investment in the form of a quality and stimulating Relationship.


Don't know if coaching is for you?

You are not alone there. Start with a introductory session in which we can how coaching can help you discuss your child education goals so you can elevate the conversation at home and develop a unique strategy that will create a successful academic program. More information and descriptions of the sessions can be found here.

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