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Student Services & Academic Coachning

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About Me: Academic Coach

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I dedicate a great part of my coaching towards working with individuals, organizations, and institutions as a support agent for Academic Advising, Student Life, and Career Coaching with the goal of creating a Personalized Academic Design and advocating Success Strategies that deliver unique Education experiences.

I will help, support, and guide students of all ages in sorting, finding and applying for admissions into study programs, manage school enrollment and funding sources like scholarships, prepare for undergraduate / graduate motivation letter writing.


Also, very important is to prepare for student life demands and expectations such as immigration requirements, financial support, cultural challenges, among many important and necessary steps towards your academic planning and career path objectives.

As an International-Student-Athlete, I faced many different cultures, languages and the pressures of a foreign system I didn't quite understand, although everyone (from my parents and peers to my coaches) expected me to succeed.

Summer School Utrecht

Having experienced these challenges myself as an International Student and Athlete, combined with the values and experience I have developed thru my active participation and engagement with students from around the world, I like to now share my knowledge for the successful journey of others.

​I enjoy matching and way-finding local and International Education programs to design unique and stimulating individualized experiences for enrolment in Full & Part-time programs, Exchange, Summer School, and Study Abroad opportunities for students of all ages. 


Student-Athletes have additional requirements and pressures to actively manage academic life and the study volume, which will also be very influential in their sports performance.

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