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I believe that for both Students and their relatives, researching, selecting, committing and finally attending an institution can be complex, time consuming and energy draining with so many program options, places and quality and purpose of the desired education. Student-Athletes have additional requirements and pressures to actively manage academic life and the study volume, which will also be very influential in their sports performance. Having experienced these challenges myself as an International Student and Athlete, combined with the values I have developed thru my active participation, I like to now share my knowledge for the successful journey of others.

Lucas Evangelista coaching students online

Lucas Evangelista

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I dedicate my coaching towards working with individuals, organizations and institutions as a centralized place for Student Advising and Coaching geared towards academic  design, success strategies and goals. I enjoy Matching and way-finding local and international education programs to design unique and stimulating full time, exchange, summer school and other study abroad experiences. 

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