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Hi there, my name is 
Lucas Evangelista.

I'm a Career Wellness Coach supporting the skill development, journey planning and transitions of talented students and professionals.


Areas of Work / Life

Coaching session topics

Curriculum Vitae

Do you consider yourself a professional in transition? Whether you have active employment or after a separation, there are new opportunities coming your way. My job is to work with you to help you consider your options, align with your values and skills, while creating a position of strength to engage in the job search.

Public Speaker

Your career will experience several waves, trends, cycles, turns, jumps and set backs along the way creating all sorts of reinforcements, interpretations, and cognitive dissonance that you may stir off your the main path, your purpose, to accomplish other objectives. You need to be present and aware to navigate and take action. Work / Life balance is extremely important when you are the director of your life.

Colorful Notebooks

Professional Development

Process improvement and change management is growing in adoption across the global work life and specially with innovative and creative organizations. You are part of the equation.  What are you doing to improve yourself, to stay relevant, as you train yourself for the future of work?

Job Search

Job Search


Resume & Work Experience Review

In this resume review and critique session we will review your career progression together, talk about your skills and which you want to use moving forward so that we can align your resume with what you seek. Job boards, social media, applicant tracking systems and the beginning of interview preparation.


Interview Preparation, Practice & Role Play

These days multiple stages of interviews are stablished by hiring companies. From a recruiter to a final offer, you will meet lots of people with lots of questions along the way. I will help you concentrate on your message on your skills, achievements and how you solve problems.


See your Opportunities

Build a critical mass of opportunities. The idea is to create a position of strength that will let you decide the best fit. My job is to work with you to receive invitations from multiple companies for you to connect with.

More power to the you!

Career Wellness

Career Wellness


Skills Development & Productivity

The world is in continuous change, as well as you and your career are. The future of work is coming sooner than expected and you have to prepare today to stay relevant and meet the demands and challeneges ahead.


Burnt Out, Self Care & Pivoting

Have you experienced recent set backs and make you confuse and take away your confidence? Are you experiencing burnout yet you don't know where is coming from? there are areas of self-management that require training and knowledge on how to improve and take ownership over them. 


Transition, Separations & Exit

Transitions and separations are not fun, but they can also be opportunities to continue in to work towards your purpose. I can help you turn this challenge into a opportunity for advancement, growth and better compensation. The transition itself is hard, yet what's on the other side is actually much better than what you had before. Learn the art of letting go.

Early Career Planning 

Explore your Values & Career Paths

Are you finding hard to choose what to get involved with? Exploring your values will help you define what you want to work with, what role you want to perform , help you identify organization and cultures that will make you most productive.

Intro to Interviewing

Interviewing is an uphill battle involving multiple stages and sessions these days. However, proper preparation and deliberate practice will help you raise your confidence and have a clear understanding of how to navigate and entertain these conversations.

Undergrad/Graduate & International Students


Academic Planning

Customize your academic journey to match your career potential and objectives. 


Study Abroad

Take advantage of multicultural international experiences connecting with summer school programs as well as full time study abroad.


Student Athletes

Athletic performance meets academic progression. Counting on the additional support is an investment in your potential.

- Mentor Coach -

- Connect with a Mentor Coach to strengthen your skills within   the Coaching Core Competencies -


Coaching Methodology

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

  • Blockages & Limited Beliefs

    • Values & Motivation

    • Journey planning​

    • Goal setting

    • Career navigation

  • Professional Development

    • Career & skills path​

    • The Future of work

    • Training outlets

  • Expats & Global Citizens

  • Student Life & Academic Advising

Energy Leadership

  • Change & Wellness

    • Job Search

    • Organizational changes​

    • Self-Care & Personal Wellness

    • Managing yourself

  • Company and Work Culture

  • Adversity, setbacks, burnout

  • Exit Strategies

    • Transitions

    • Pivoting

    • Entrepreneurship

Energy leadership brings engagement to life. Energy defines us as individuals and as leaders in how we show up at work, how we inspire others, and in the language we use to convey energy for ourselves and for our employees. These are all important aspects of energetic leadership.

I offer a variety of coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual life goals. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Contact me to start your proactive journey today.

I’m an experienced Career Coach who can help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive reality.

We are all in some stage of transition in our life, careers and the relationships we build. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a minor adjustment or a life-changing transition, without the proper tools and perspective, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Self-care is often sacrificed for the greater cause.


Transition doesn’t have to be a frightening or daunting task. The key is to set yourself up for success in ways that keep your focus on the transition plan, maintaining balance, and moving forward!

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